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CNC plasma cutting machine
Mar 23, 2016

CNC cutting, is used for control of machines or equipment work instructions (or program) is given a new form of control in digital form. This directive provides for CNC cutting machine control devices, cutting machine in accordance with a given program, automatically cut. CNC cutting by CNC systems and mechanical structure composed of two major parts. Compared with the traditional manual and semi-automatic cutting, CNC cutting by CNC controller offers cutting, cutting and automatic control technology, effective control and improved cutting quality and cutting efficiency. CNC cut: refers to the numerical control flame, plasma, laser and water-jet cutting machine, CNC cutting nesting software for optimized cutting procedure provided for full-time, automatic, high efficiency, high quality and high efficiency of CNC cutting. Representative of modern high-tech production of CNC cutting, nesting is an advanced optimization technology with computer numerical control technology and the result of combining cutting machines.

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