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Attention To The Use Of Metal Engraving Machine
Dec 12, 2018

We all know that metal sculptors are machines that engrave pictures on metals. Metal sculptors may be used by many people, but do you know the small details that need to be noticed during use? In order to help you better use the metal carving machine, the following small editor for everyone to introduce the use of metal carving machines.
The higher the number of particles in the tool material itself, the sharper the tool.
We must first understand the physical properties of the material itself. In general, the toughness and viscosity of copper are relatively large compared to other metals, and the hardness is relatively small.
Processing metal copper to ensure the tool sharp, and sharp-related factors have the tool's front and rear angles degree, the greater the degree of cutting edge.
4, to consider the situation of the tool chip, the more smooth the front edge of the tool, the more conducive to the chip; The larger the slot, the better the duckling.
There are also certain requirements for the speed of the spindle of metal engraving machine.
Pay attention to the extension of the tool, this should be considered according to the quality of the tool, generally do not extend too long, leaving about a centimeter outside.

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