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Carpenter, Motor, Normal Temperature?
Nov 23, 2018

With the continuous improvement of the performance and stability of stepping motor, it is widely used in some motor control devices. It is most used in the woodworking carving machine industry. Since its internal structure is composed of a core and a winding coil, it will produce a certain amount of heat in the state of electricity, and it will even be hot if the working time is longer. To what extent is the heat of the motor normal, how to reduce the heat generated by the motor? Here's a quick solution.
The temperature range of motor heating mainly depends on the inner insulation level of motor. Under normal circumstances, the internal insulation performance will be destroyed at high temperatures(above 130 degrees). Therefore, as long as the interior does not exceed 130 degrees, the motor will not be damaged, and the surface temperature will be below 90 degrees. Therefore, the surface temperature of the stepping motor is normal at 70-80 degrees. Simple temperature measurement methods can use point thermometers, but they can also be roughly judged: You can touch for more than 1-2 seconds with your hand, not exceeding 60 degrees; You can only touch it with your hand, about 70-80 degrees; A few drops of water quickly vaporize, it is more than 90 degrees.
Motor heating generally does not affect the life of the motor, for most customers do not have to worry too much. However, severe fever can have some negative effects. If the thermal expansion coefficient of the internal part of the motor is different, the change of the structural stress and the small change of the internal air gap will affect the dynamic response of the motor, and the high speed will easily fall out of step. Another example is that some occasions do not allow excessive heating of the motor, such as medical equipment and high-precision test equipment. Therefore, the necessary control should be carried out on the heating of the motor. When the temperature of the motor is too high, you can choose to stop the machine and rest for a while to continue working. You can also add a radiator to the outside of the motor to ensure that the heat of the motor is emitted in time.

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