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How To Deal With The Noise Problem Of Stone Carving Machine
Dec 06, 2018

The application of stone carving machine is more and more extensive. When doing the carving work, the sound of the motor plus the pressure of the carving will cause some noise. So what should we do with this noise? Let's take a look.
1, the sound of the patter: oscillating and resisting attacks by the thruster and the roll body, regardless of the type of grease may occur. It is easier to accept large moments of torque, load, or radial clearance. The method of treatment is to improve the accuracy of the retainer, select a bearing with a small clearance, or apply a preload, a downward moment load on the bearing, and reduce device errors. Choose good grease.
2, buzzing sound: motor unloading work is to announce the same sound as a beeping, and the motor attack axial abnormal oscillation, on or off the phone buzzing. Treatment method: A kind of unstable oscillation that occurs under the influence of axial oscillation when the motor with ball bearings in winter and under the condition of lubrication is not good, mainly when the axial center adjustment function is not good.
3, miscellaneous sound: caused by bearings or high quality cleanliness, announced an irregular abnormal sound, the sound is sometimes not, when large and small, frequent attacks on high-speed Motors. Treatment methods: select good grease, improve the cleanliness before the injection of fat, strengthen the sealing function of the bearing, improve the cleanliness of the device environment.
The sound frequency varies with the speed of the bearing, and the appearance of the parts is the main reason for the noise. Processing methods: improving the quality of the bearing Raceway, reducing the wave-grain value, reducing the collision, correcting the pre-tightening force and cooperation of the clearance, viewing the work of the free-end bearings, and improving the precision device methods of the shaft and bearing seat.
The above is the way to solve the noise of stone carving machine, I hope to help you.

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