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Maintenance Method Of Carving Machine Tool
Dec 20, 2018

The maintenance and sharpening of knives are also very important issues. When a job is done, no matter how tired you are, you must collect the tools and put them away before you rest. If you want to use it later, you should trim the tool or grease it(to prevent moisture and rust) and place it in a toolbox or tool bag for next use. The cutting tool of the carving machine is like a man's hands. If he does not cherish him, he can not do fine work. Here's how to maintain the tool.
The first jacket size should be appropriate, there is a section, there is wear, not round, the inner hole has a taper jacket must not be selected, otherwise it will cause the handle vibration, can not achieve the ideal carving effect.
The contact between the second sleeve and the handle should be mild, and the handle should not only be firmly inserted into the sleeve but also tightened. If the jacket is used for too long a time, the sleeve must be replaced immediately.
Third, the toughness of the tool needs to be often checked. If it is blunt, it should be replaced immediately, because the continued use of the knife will not only have poor carving effect, but will also occur.
When using the fourth woodworking carving machine, it should be noted that the thickness of the processing must not exceed the thickness that the blade can cut, otherwise a broken knife will still appear.
The fifth cutting of different materials should use a reasonable cutting speed.
The sixth cutting speed must be balanced, the speed is as consistent as possible to achieve better results, the cutting process can not stay, and the correct use of woodworking carving machine tools must be done at one go.
The seventh tool to remove dirt with a special cleaner.

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