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Proper Use Of Stone Carving Machine
Nov 16, 2018

The correct use of stone carving machine includes four aspects: work environment, maintenance and maintenance, software use, and processing issues. It has mastered the requirements of these four aspects, and can not improve the working efficiency of stone carving machine, but also ensure the safety of work.
Stone carving machine
(I) Working environment
The stone carving machine is a high-tech electromechanical integration equipment and has certain requirements for the working environment.
1. Avoid strong power, strong magnetism, and other equipment that seriously affect the signal transmission of the engraving machine. Such as: welding machines, transmission towers and so on.
2. Use the three-core power supply to ensure that the carving machine is well grounded and to reduce interference.
3. Voltage requirements are stable, avoid large fluctuations, it is best to use a regulator.
4. Machines must not work long hours in a strong acid or alkali environment.
(II) Maintenance and repair
Engraving machines are mostly used for processing business, processing of more powder, dust. Therefore, we must pay attention to maintaining the carving machine and maintaining the carving machine. During use, care should be taken to keep the screw, guide rail and other parts clean and lubricating, timely cleaning of dust and refueling to the transmission parts; The operator of JiNan carving machine should clean up, fill the gas in time, and prohibit electric plug.
(III) Software use
The engraving machine has a large number of sculpting software available.
(IV) Processing issues
1, the rationality of the processing process
In addition to the precision of the machining machine to ensure that the reasonable processing process is also very important. In order to ensure the accuracy of the processing, please note the rationality of the processing process.
2, tool use
Due to the manufacturing process and precision of the tool itself, the machining accuracy is affected. Therefore, when processing, select a tool suitable for processing.
3, operators
The proficiency and responsibility of the operator also have a great influence on the machining accuracy. The customer's operator requires a secondary school or above degree and has a skilled computer operating foundation. In the training process, he should be skilled in selecting different carving speeds and using different tools for different materials. This often requires the accumulation of experience. Good mastery is beneficial to extend the life of machines and knives.
Notes for the correct use of stone carving machines, stone carving machines each time the machine is used, to pay attention to cleaning, make sure to clean up the platform and the transmission system dust, regular(weekly) lubrication of the transmission system(X.Y.Z triaxial) refueling.

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