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What Are The Skills Of Carving Machine Knives?
Nov 28, 2018

The application of carving machine is very common in the woodworking industry. At the same time, the selection of cutting tools for carving machine accessories is very key. The following small editors will take everyone to know in detail what skills the carving machine knife has.
1. Softwood, density plate, protowood, woodworking carving machine accessories, PVC, acrylic large deep relief processing, recommended to use a single-edged spiral ball head milling cutter.
2. The use of the cutting knife, processing products on the surface without burrs, processing will not be warped.
3. Metal mold processing milling cutter, recommended to use tungsten steel milling cutter, the surface of purple black plus hard titanium.
4. The use of diamond carving knives is recommended for acrylic mirror carving processing.
5. The use of multi-stripe milling cutter is recommended for rough processing particle board.
Unnormal use of woodworking carving machine parts tool easy to cause damage to the tool, the following how to correctly use woodworking carving machine tool, so that your use of more convenient process.
1, the size of the jacket should be suitable, Qingdao carving machine accessories, there is a section, not enough round, there is wear, the inner hole has a tapered jacket must not be selected, otherwise it will lead to a sensation of the handle, sculpture can not achieve the desired effect.
2, the handle and clamp contact is mild, the manual carving machine accessories, the handle to firmly insert the clamp and tighten, if the grip use time is too long internal hole deformation, must be replaced immediately.
3, the tool to often check the toughness, small carving machine accessories, if used blunt, please replace immediately, if continue to use not only poor carving effect, there will be a broken knife.
4, woodworking carving machine when used to be punished, the thickness of the processing can not exceed the thickness of the cutting edge, responsible for the still appear broken knife.

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